Santa Barbara Felted Fibers
Valerie McLean

About Me 

Living life - traveling, marriage, raising children and more things than I can list has exposed me to so much wonder in the world around us all.  Seeing a felting exhibit in New Zealand drew my attention to this medium and on a return trip I was fortunate enough to meet a group of felters that were kind enough to teach me and there the journey began.  I have been blessed to take a number of workshops with incredible felt artists willing to share their knowledge.  It is always an exciting experience.



I enjoy working with my hands...from sewing to beading to a number of different crafts.  I enjoy learning new things, experimenting, and doing something to make it my own.  But….felting is different from every other craft I have ever tried. Each project is unique and oftentimes seems to have a mind of its own!

I love the feeling of working the wool until it becomes something that brings pleasure, awe, joy, question or just plain laughter to me or others. I hope each piece you see and possibly one day touch brings you that same kind of feeling.